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Agia Pelagia Crete Map, Heraklion Map and Travel Information about Crete

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Crete is one of the most popular islands in Greece and the Mediterranean basin. It is an attractive destination that satisfies all kinds of visitors all year around.

Each year, thousands of visitors arrive to the island both from Greece and abroad to enjoy and get acquaint with Crete. The island is rich in history, offers unparallel natural beauties, vibrant night-life, uncountable wonderful beaches and a unique traditional cuisine.

The prefectures of Crete are connected by a sufficiently organized transportation network. Through it, the transportation becomes easy and comfortable.

The complex Ambelos Apartments & Studios is geographically found in the middle of the northern highway of the island. Due to its position, it is the ideal starting point for excursions to all the prefectures in Crete.

From the Ambelos Apartments & Studios, the following destinations are easily accessible:

  • Heraklion Airport "Nikos Kazantzakis": 17 km
  • Heraklion (Iraklio) Port: 17 km
  • Heraklion (Iraklio) Town: 20 km
  • Rethymnon (Rethymno) Town: 45 km
  • Mononaftis Beach: 300 m
  • Other Beaches: 1 and 1,5 km
  • Supermarket: 800 m
  • Bus Stop: outside the hotel

How to find us

You can reach Crete, Greece by ferry boat, plane or intercity bus and ferry boat (from Thessaloniki only). Kindly contact the following authorities to find about schedules.

By Ferry Boat:

  • From Piraeus Port: Tel. +30 210 451-1310/7 or +30 210 422-6000
  • From Thessaloniki Port: Tel. +30 2310 531-504/6
  • Heraklion (Iraklion) Port: Tel. +30 280 244-934 or +30 280 244-956

- Crete also is connected by boat to the Dodecanese Islands, the Cyclades Islands, the Sporades Islands and Volos.
- For more information about boat schedules, go to

By Airplane:

  • From the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos": Tel. +30 210 353-0000
  • From Thessaloniki (Macedonia)  Airport: Tel. +30 2310 230-240
  • Heraklion Airport "Nikos Kazantzakis":  Tel. +30 2810 229-191

- Crete also is connected by plane to the following islands: Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini.
- For more information about flight schedules, go to

Internal transportation around Crete by Intercity Bus:
Crete has a well-developed transportation system and very good roads. From Heraklion (Iraklio) you can take the Intercity buses to any area in Crete (Kreta).
- From the KTEL Heraklion Intercity Bus Station: Tel. +30 2810 221-765 or +30 2810 288-108.
- For more information about bus schedules and destinations, go to

Mononaftis Beach

Within a short distance from Ambelos Apartments & Studios, the wonderful Mononaftis beach is found. According to a local story, a ship sank in the area and only one sailor survived. The beach was named after this incident.

The beach is particularly quite and offers 2 taverns, a car park area, a mini market where you can get Greek and foreign newspapers. It is a fully-equipped beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and water sport facilities.

The beach of Mononaftis is an ideal choice for care-free days, full of relaxation and games on the sand and deep dives into the clear water of the Cretan Sea.


The heart of Crete beats in its four prefectures. The prefectures of Chania, Rethymno, Heraklio and Lassithi decorate with their different ornament- like features and characteristics a unique painting of natural beauty, history, tradition, gastronomic flavors and hospitality.

  • Prefecture of Heraklion

    It is the largest population wise prefecture of the island and its capital city is the industrial and commercial centre of the island. Situated next to the largest commercial port and close to the international airport, the cosmopolitan centre of the city offers numerous cafes, restaurants and lively night life. The famous Archeological Museum that hosts exhibits mainly of the Minoan era, the Museum of Natural History, the Venetian fortress of Koules, the resting place of the writer Nikos Kazantzakis on the Venetian wall that surrounds the city etc have proven to be poles of attraction for thousands of visitors throughout the year. Just like the centre of the city, the whole prefecture is decorated by buildings and points of different historical periods, such as the main centers of the Minoan civilization (the palace and the archeological area of Knossos, the palace of Malia and the one in Phaistos, where the famous Phaistos Disc was discovered). The southern shore of Crete is the home of worldly famous Matala and its majestic caves, the beaches of Kaloi Limenes and other countless easily accessible beaches for all tastes.
  • Prefecture of Rethymno

    The magnificent prefecture of Rethymno and its capital city that carries the same name, is one of the prefectures of Crete with great history, from the ancient times till the modern historical eras. According to the Greek mythology, the cave of Ideon Antro is the birth place of Zeus, the father of gods. The prefecture frames beaches with crystal clear waters, such as the famous beach of Preveli with its waterfalls, the beach of Triopetra, the beach of Mpali and sights such as the settlement of Apodoulos, the ancient Lappa and the Monastery of Arkadi. The city of Rethymno with its Venetian buildings and Fortetsa is a remarkable architectural treasure of past times. During the evening hours, and especially in the summer months, the city changes faces and draws its shine from the city lights and the distinguishing smell of the sea. Sites of interests spread around within the city walls and beyond them. Allow the unique natural beauties, the mountains, the gorges, the rivers of the area to take your breath away.
  • Prefecture of Chania

    The enchanting prefecture of Chania is the one with the richest vegetation on the island. Countless monuments of different eras and periods, the centre of Chania with the Venetian port and the narrow alleys of the old city is a shining jewel particularly bright during the summer months. For those who admire the Greek history, the city of Chania is the ultimate destination. The Archeological Museum of Chania, the Byzantine Museum and the Folklore Museum welcome the visitors of the city and travel them to periods of past times. The prefecture is the ideal destination for nature lovers and the Samaria Gorge the first stop they should make, as it is the largest in the island. Exquisite nature can also be found around the gorge of Therissos and the astonishing natural lake of Kournas. Elafonisi and Falassarna, unique beaches of their kind, are painted by the white sand, the red broken corals and the green of the sparking crystal clear water of the sea. A short voyage on a boat from the town of Sfakia takes travelers to the tiny islet of Gavdos. The intact beaches and wild nature away from civilization will reward travelers for their patience while being on board. The picturesque fishing village of Loutro that is only accessible by boat and its small yet charming port is also worth visiting.
  • Prefecture of Lassithi

    The eastern part of the island is imposingly dominated by the prefecture of Lassithi and its capital city of Agios Nikolaos. Totally different from the other prefectures, this one is the favorite destination for many celebrities and famous people. The cosmopolitan town of Elounda, the picturesque fishing village of Plaka and the lovely islet of Spinalonga (the former lepers' colony) are poles of attraction for thousands of guests and the area where the story of Victoria Hislop's book The Island takes place. The city of Agios Nikolaos is known to the world for its lake, round of which countless cafes and restaurants are awaiting to be explored. Just like the rest capital cities of the other prefectures, the city of Agios Nikolaos is home to an Archeological Museum and the Folklore Museum of Agios Nikolaos hosting collections of exhibits found in the prefecture. This prefecture is also home to Vai, the unique, famous, see-side palm tree forest in the Mediterranean. The prefecture has numerous magical corners and hidden natural, sea-side as well as mountainous treasures that will stay carved in your memory.
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